HMLR ID1 form                                                              £48 including VAT
Change of Name Deed                                               £144 including VAT
Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement              £360 including VAT
Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement &          £480 including VAT
Deposit Scheme set up
Settlement Agreement Advice (basic)                  £480 including VAT
Settlement Agreement Advice (complex)           Price on application
Occupier’s Consent & Waiver form                         £210 including VAT (single)
Independent legal advice for Loans,                     £240 including VAT (single)
Mortgages, Guarantor Agreements etc
Oaths, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations              £5 (plus £2 per exhibit)
Certified copies of documents                                 £5 per document (plus £1
                                                                                             per additional page)
Verification of ID (including VAT) per                      £5 per document
Fixed Fee Initial Consultation                                   £150 including VAT